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Naturalmente creare
Technique :
Mixed media (raw cotton canvas, lithographic pen, acrylic)

The work aims at retracing a journey: capturing the moment of creation, the sacred fire that drives each of us to live, to dream and to create.

The canvas represents the golden spiral, the measure of nature perfection, in a swirl of concentric and harmonious vortexes. It is the fire that drives passion and it is the artist who is the constructor. The activating object of the creative gesture (the stove) is veiled by a linen canvas, you only just perceive the golden spiral: what it is communicating is the message, that which is underlying at the time of creating the idea. Here the idea of the artist and the designer become one in the instant of eternal becoming.

The work reflects the Foster universe and the values that the company embodies: in addition to technical research of the materials, the elegance of the design and function, the company cares greatly about environmental issues, artistic heritage and art in general. Not only mere function but a channel of beauty in its broadest sense. In Foster products you can see elegance, the judicious choice of materials, the colours, everything that a painter also prepares in the moment in which he is about to make the invisible visible, i.e. his creation.

Name & Surname: Ottavia Fiameni
Second Level Diploma in Visual Arts: Painting, at the Brera Academy of Visual Arts in Milan.

Ottavia Fiameni was born in Paderno Ponchielli (CR). After receiving a diploma in Art she moved to Milan where she attained a degree with honours from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. During her studies, her works were noticed and chosen by the then Head of Culture for the Municipality of Milan, the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, who invited her to take part in the group exhibition LUCI ROSSE SULL'ARTE (Red lights on art). During the subsequent years, Ottavia studied and collaborated with some teachers of the Brera Academy, participating in many group and solo exhibitions, in various Italian cities. In the course of 2013 she participated in the competition ran by the art critic Antonio D'Avossa, held between Milan and Washington. The event in question, SIAMO QUEL CHE MANGIAMO? SUBSTANCE AND ART (We are what we eat? Substance and art), is the partner of EXPO 2015 and is divided into four exhibitions, two in Milan and two in Washington. Of particular relevance is her solo exhibition INCORRUTTIBILE SENSIBILE (Incorruptible sensitivity) held in January 2014 at the Mazzoleni Art Events gallery.

I have taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions. In this regard, please find enclosed my Artistic Curriculum.