The Brera Academy of Fine Arts has taken inspiration from the new Foster Collections to create six works of art. The elaboration of black and white photographic images on canvas, thanks to a genuine path of fusion between art and design, gives rise to a refined creative project.

As a preview to the opening of the FosterExperience14 Gallery, scheduled to take place on 7th April, the works are published to allow the public to express their preference. The pieces will continue to be judged by critics and the general public during the Fuori Salone, while preserving their parallelism with the themes of the collection.

The Brera Academy is one of the oldest schools in Italy, an emblem of history and characters that have created art, marking certain eras of our country. Since 1776 it has contributed to educational activities regarding science, literature and art. Today, Brera still retains is desire to cultivate and create culture with the same passion.