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To tide
Technique :
Acrylic on canvas and intervention material

The sacredness of small daily gestures.
Rinse, pour, fruit, vegetables, thaw.
Let flow, let go. Hot water, cold water.
Wrinkled hands, dry hands. Wash dry, clean, disinfect.
The Sink is in the centre, quietly doing its job.
Motionless observer of a life that flows around it.
Everything flows and leaves traces, often, even around a Sink.

Name & Surname: Chiara Lupi
Painting, at the Brera Academy of Visual Arts in Milan..

Possible Loves (Dating Secrets) March 28, 2014, the former studio of Piero Manzoni, Milan Via Fiori Chiari 16 by Pier Luigi Bouillon
Colors of Mimosa, Women's Day, 2014, Publisher Still
Weightless, Offbrera, Milan, 2014
Pwc Show at the headquarters of Il Sole 24 Ore, Milan, 2013
From versoCoincidenze edition 2012-2013, a series of multiple art research laboratory arte_poesia 2013
Workshop and Exhibition, Graphic Design in Opera, Villa Gori, Camaiore (Lu) in May 2013
Workshop Brera-Krakow April 20 to 27, 2013, curated by Pier Luigi Bouillon
Naturarte 2012-2013 artistic paths in the Lodi area 2013
Dealing / Knowing-between identity and sense of belonging to Europe, Luciana Matalon Foundation, 2012