Brera Academy of Fine Arts
The Brera Academy is one of the oldest schools in Italy, an emblem of history and characters that have created art, marking certain eras of our country. Since 1776 it has contributed to educational activities regarding science, literature and art. Today, Brera still retains its desire to cultivate and create culture with the same passion.

Le Cameriste Ambrosiane
The ensemble ‘Le Cameriste Ambrosiane’ is a string complex which can include up to 15 elements and plays a repertoire of chamber music, strictly without a conductor, for major events, containing the chamber music string octet at its heart.

Le Cameriste Ambrosiane has performed at the Teatro Dal Verme, in the Auditorium San Fedele in Milan, at the Palazzo Marino in Milan, at the “Giacosa” Theatre in Aosta and in the Sala dei Giganti in Padua and is currently the ensemble in residence at the Spazio Teatro 89.

GROHE is the largest manufacturer in Europe and one of the world leaders in the sector of sanitary fittings. Quality, technology, design and sustainability: these are the four corporate values that are testimony to the commitment of designing and creating products able to simplify everyday life in full respect of the environment.

Grohe products are the synthesis of high-quality, technology in the service of the consumer and the environment, a vocation to design that, for Grohe, is an intrinsic aspect of quality that expresses the perfect balance between form and function.

The Zeni Farm
The Zeni Farm, thanks to its many years of experience born from more than a hundred harvests, puts its own milestones on some basic concepts: the Trentino soil as an element capable of feeding the true soul of the grape and therefore the wine; the figure of the winemaker is able to transmit and enhance what the combination of mankind, earth and the vine is able to offer; careful and punctual vinifications able to enhance the various characteristics of the grapes as well as a reasoned refinement able to evolve the wine by enriching it with tertiary aromas. Finally, the corporate cycle focuses on ensuring a white grape and red grape to the marc that give free rein to its freshness and fragrance in the stills, to create a single grape variety grappa from Trentino that is delicate, fruity and with a unique pleasantness.
Timmagine is a marketing and communication agency in Brescia (Salò) employing 26 professionals in 6 specific divisions, in order to offer the clients a complete service. Their skills range from strategic marketing to on-line and off-line communication, Videos, Multimedia and Apps. Experience and professionalism, all combined in one team, are the basis of the Timmagine communication agency's working method.

Lizzeri Vivaio La Quercia is a company with twenty years experience in green architecture. We have achieved high technical botanic skills aimed at meeting the most demanding and modern needs of interior design. Furthermore, LIZZERI offers the latest generation of synthetic turf, designed to eliminate all the annoying maintenance of lawn, whilst guaranteeing a natural and long-lasting effect.

Space Concept
We Are Space Concept
We’re an independent design house. That prides itself on building delightful booths. We’re based in Modena, Italy.
Our Goal
We have one simple goal: to build the best booths in the world. Booths that surprise and delight users, booths that are useful. Booths that enable people to do amazing things, that help people do the things they love.
Our Values
We’re passionate about building great products. We put time, care and attention into the things we make. We’re dedicated to providing outstanding support to all our customers. We promise to stay independent, to stay in control. We’ll be honest and up-front when we make mistakes.