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Sacred heat
Technique :
Mixed media on canvas. (Enamel, chalk…)

Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to men. God separated the light from the darkness, appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush... the examples are infinite. Fire is life, it is the light that dispels the darkness, it is the Holy Spirit that descends on earth but it is also the fire of hell. Fire saves us from bad weather and nourishes the body and soul. Fire is a reminder for us, it is a perception of warmth in the air, and this sacred heat encapsulates the history of our civilisation in the eternal fight between good and evil, between the different spiritual truths and between survival and death.

The preciousness of this subject is palpable thanks to the use of gold, which manifests itself as a hospitable cradle for two mythical figures, undefined as if emerging from a distant past: good and evil meet in front of the preciousness of heat, fire, the symbol of death but also life.

Name & Surname: Annaklara Galli
Brera Academy of Fine Arts, studying Sculpture

2014 Exhibition at the La Permanente Museum in Milan – Arte sotto Milano II Edizione (Art under Milan 2nd Edition)
2014 participation at Tanexpo in Bologna